The Man Handler Sex Wand Dong Sil A Gel 10 Inch Black Bulk

The Man Handler Sex Wand Dong Sil A Gel 10 Inch Black Bulk

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  • Product Sku: DJ-0266-02-1
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson Enterprises
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: December 26, 2007


A firm fulfilling c*ck.on a handle.

Ships Everywhere.

Product Reviews

The Description Lacks Detail

My Rating is not on the Dildo - but on the lack of details. For example: How hick across is it? Is it 2 inches across or 1.5 inches? Please fix the description by adding details. Why would I buy it of I don't know how thick it is? Thank you. If it' 2 inches across, I want one.

Anonymous - July 21 2017

The Orgasmic Battle

Standing toe to toe with him, his eyes locked on mine. The mood was tense but something had to be done. Not wasting a single second I swung it at full force, pounding him at full impact. The hit was brutal, leaving him wounded and sore. As he was down I swung again, bashing his head with my dildo sword once more, finally defeating ex.

Anonymous - May 18 2016

Fulfilling and satisfying

Might look a bit on the nasty side, but when you're really freaken horny and literally wants something big and hard shoved up your muff, this one will do the job every-time. Gets you firm grip and you can really move this any which way you want it to go

Anonymous - March 10 2014

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